Retineo s.r.o. is the only one producer of products from Reaction Bonded Silicon carbide (SiSiC) in Slovakia

Physical properties of SiSiC

Density 3,05 g/cm3
Porosity  0,01 %
Hardness - SiC 2690 HV 0,2
Hardness Si 1250 HV 0,2
Compressive strength 3500 MPa
Bending strength - 4 point method 440 MPa
Modulus of elasticity - Dynamic 325 GPa
Thermal conductivity 120 W/mK
Thermal diffusivity 55 10-6 m2/s
Thermal expansion /20 - 200C/ 3,4 10-6 /K
Thermal resistivity in oxidizing Atmosphere 1350 C
Thermal resistivity in non ox. Atmosphere 1350 C

Silicon carbide belongs to the highest quality ceramics materials, mostly defined by:

  • High hardness
  • Wear resistance 
  • Chemical resistance 
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Corrosion resistance 
  • High temperature resistivity
  • Low measured density 
  • Excellent sliding properties 
  • Liquid and Gas impermeability 
  • Chemical properties do not make corrosion in aggressive mediums, like acids, hydroxides, steams and gases
  • Wear resistance in abrasives mediums 


Unique solution of reaction sintering technology of silicon carbide products enables the production of more difficult shapes in comparison with other ceramics. Products from silicon carbide is possible to use in many kind of industries, where is necessary to accept higher demands for running. 

Sealing rings and sliding bearings have their application in following sectors:

  • chemical industry chemical aggressive mediums

  • petrochemical industry, refineries, petrol plants

  • food industry

  • pharmaceutical industry

  • atomic power plants in circulating pumps

  • pumps and cleaning stations

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